106: Recruitment and Retention: Exploring Creative and Inclusive Strategies to Promote Family Science

Shera Jackson; Christy Rogers; Emma Compton; Kiersten Langley
8:30 AM
9:45 AM
Marquette VIII and IX
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Advancing Family Science
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Growing family science programs and increasing student interest during a time when many programs are seeing a decline in higher education enrollment calls for collaboration amongst scholars. This collaborative workshop has two primary goals. First, share ideas and promote the creation of new ideas to increase student awareness of family science as a field and degree for both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Second, to increase graduate and undergraduate student enrollment and retention within the family science field. This workshop will draw upon Social Inclusion Theory to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion. Participants will work together to identify barriers and concerns around the recruitment and retention of diverse student populations in family science. Finally, participants will brainstorm strategies to successfully promote family science degree programs.


  • To generate and share ideas for increasing student awareness of family science degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • To increase enrollment and retention in family science degree programs.
  • To promote diversity, equity, and inclusion during recruitment for new family science students.

Subject Codes: education, inclusion, diversity
Population Codes: educators, administrators, graduate students
Method and Approach Codes: administrative, curriculum development, Family Science

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