108: Engaging Research to Shed Light on Practices and Context in the Shadows of Adoptive and Foster Families

Morgan E. Cooley; Kelly Munly
8:30 AM
9:45 AM
Marquette II
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Family Policy
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Aligned with the conference theme, this 4-paper symposium informs policy and practice by 1) illuminating context-dependent experiences in the unseen daily dynamics of adoptive/foster families; and 2) highlighting theory and methods that provide insights into adoptive/foster family context. Engaging both quantitative and qualitative methods, papers offer findings regarding practices and support relevant to navigating relationships between adoptive and birth parents, transracial adoption, open adoption, and adult foster care. Findings have important implications for other adoptive/foster families, adoption and foster agencies’ orientations toward community- and family- education, and advocacy through policy work that offers systemic supports for diverse family structures and identities. This symposium will provide a foundation for further exploration of family dynamics, both within families and at the national and global level.


  • To understand practices and context-dependent experiences in the daily dynamics of adoptive and foster families
  • To highlight theory and research methods that support this uncovering of promising practice and insights into adoptive and foster family context
  • To understand implications for policy and future research with adoptive and foster families

Subject Codes: diversity, adoption, fostercare
Population Codes: Multiracial or ethnic, adoptive parent, foster parent
Method and Approach Codes: diversity, dyadic analysis, qualitative methodology

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