205: INVITED PRESENTER SYMPOSIUM - Family Science Careers Through the Eyes of Theory

Raeann R. Hamon
8:30 AM
9:45 AM
Salon D
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Invited Symposium
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Advancing Family Science
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Made possible by the Advancing Family Science Section


While theory regularly informs research in the field of family science, less attention has been given to how theory is used to guide practice in family science careers. This symposium presentation will be devoted to theoretical and practice papers which reveal how family science professionals apply family theories within an array of professional contexts. Family science professionals will describe a range of human development and family science careers (e.g., child life specialist, family and consumer sciences teacher, marriage and family therapist, HDFS faculty advisor, HDFS department chair), from bachelor’s level to doctoral level positions. Then they will highlight how one or two theories shapes the way they complete their work by offering scenarios or occasions when the theory affected their approach to their professional practice. This series of papers will be invaluable in helping attendees visualize how essential family theories are in the practice of family science.


  • Participants will be identify several career paths possible with a degree in human development and family science.
  • Participants will be able to illustrate how theories inform professional practice.
  • Participants will identify which family science careers might be of interest to them and how theory might impact the work that they do.

Subject Codes: identity, employment, translational
Population Codes: Family Scientists, students and new professionals (SNP), educators
Method and Approach Codes: professional development, Family Science, theory [identify specific theory below]

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