325: SPECIAL SESSION - When Research Harms: Who Does Theory Forget?

Antoinette M. Landor; Kristy Shih; Katie Acosta; Russell Toomey; Pamela B. Payne; Dana Weiser; Anthony J. Ferraro (he/him); Beth S. Russell
1:30 PM
2:45 PM
Salon D
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Family Policy
Feminism & Family Science
Religion, Spirituality & Family
Research & Theory
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Made Possible by the Religion, Spirituality, and Families, Family Policy, Research and Theory, and Feminism and Family Science Sections


This session is a continuation of the 2021 Invited Presenter Symposium, When Research Harms: An Open Dialogue and Reflection on the Past, Present, and Future of Family Scholarship. To continue the discussion of when research harms, this panel will discuss: • the ways in which the academy can actively challenge the White heteronormative patriarchy that exists in theory and which support sexism and transphobia; • how individuals who are intentionally or inadvertently forgotten impact family research; and • how to unpack the ways in which family theory is developed and used. Essentially, how does the family field move forward to actively include those who have been previously forgotten in theory and research?


  • Identify the potential harm or negative effects that research and theory have or could have on participants
  • Examine the how current funding and publishing structures support standardized, one-size-fits-all approaches and the positive or negative implications for diverse families
  • Describe approaches or strategies for repairing harm and establishing equitable practices, research strategies, or policies for enhancing family well-being.
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