336: INVITED PRESENTER SYMPOSIUM - Family Science Theory in Action: How to Strengthen Theory-Driven Methods

Beth S. Russell
3:15 PM
4:30 PM
Salon D
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Invited Symposium
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  • Research & Theory
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Made Possible by the Research and Theory Section


In anticipation of the forthcoming new edition of the Sourcebook of Family Theory and Research, this symposium draws together deep expertise from multiple perspectives within the academy. Each of our presenting teams is positioned to offer insights on the needs that underpin the new edition, the intentions for use behind it as a resource, and exemplary examples of how to infuse theory into rigorous Family Science methods. This symposium provides a forum for discussion between leading journal editors, award-winning scholars, the co-chairs of NCFR’s TCRM, and the Sourcebook’s editorial team. Our aim is to provide practical insight into the on-going need to modernize conventional theoretical approaches and to enhance research practice with those that best describe the most inclusive and intersectional perspectives on individual and family experiences. Audience members will come with us as we explore how best to use the new edition of the Sourcebook to broaden our gaze to those groups often left in shadow.


  • Describe the unmet needs evident in the extant literature that inspired the development of a new edition of the Sourcebook.
  • Identify recommended steps to improve theoretical grounding in our peer-reviewed scholarship;
  • Describe potential innovations in methods that could reflect modernized, anti-racist theories on individual development and Family Science.


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