NCFR Report, your quarterly member magazine, is a resource filled with information about key family topics. Report is also an opportunity for submission of articles — research- or practice-based — to the Family Focus section, and can be a useful resource for faculty and family educators.

The views expressed in NCFR Report may not represent the views of the entire NCFR organization.

Call for Report authors

Learn about contributing to the Family Focus section of NCFR Report, and email our Family Focus editor about writing on the following upcoming theme/s:

Issue theme: Families and Cultural Intersections
Fall 2018

The fall editions of Family Focus reflect the NCFR Annual Conference theme. As Bahira Sherif Trask, the 2018 Conference Chair stated, “Contemporary families live in a world that is complex, increasingly interconnected, and culturally diverse. Families are affected by continuously evolving economic, technological, ideological, cultural, and political changes.” Consistent with that theme, Family Focus invites submissions that present research-based discussions of family changes, strengths, and vulnerabilities related to family international migration, contemporary gender socialization and expres­sion, and increasing global and local economic inequalities. Emphasis should be on innovations and intersections among fields and cultures along with implications for family professionals.

Authors should indicate intent to submit by May 1, 2018. Contact the editor at [email protected] with questions or about your interest in submitting,  and include one to two sentences summarizing what you wish to cover. Articles will be due May 15, 2018

Download complete author guidelines (PDF)

Issue theme: Understanding Gun Violence from a Family Perspective
Winter 2018

  • Indicate interest by Aug. 1, 2018 (Please email [email protected]  with your intention to submit an article.)

  • Manuscripts due by Aug. 15, 2018

Gun violence has been a topic receiving considerable recent attention, and in response, NCFR seeks authors to create original articles for the winter 2018 Family Focus section of NCFR Report and the fall 2018 CFLE Network. These new resources will aid in the understanding and prevention of gun violence from a family perspective. What do we as family professionals have to add to the discussion about gun violence?

The editor of Family Focus invites the submission of research-based articles to explore the prevention of, immediate response to, and short- and long-term recovery from gun violence at the family, school, and community levels. What do we know about how these events have an impact on children, schools, and families? What do we know about the influence of constant reminders of violence through preparation activities such as drills on children and families, even when they don’t directly experience violence?

Family Focus authors should indicate intent to submit by Aug. 1, 2018. Contact the editor at [email protected] with questions or about your interest in submitting, and include one to two sentences summarizing what you wish to cover. Articles are due Aug. 15, 2018.

Download complete author guidelines (PDF)