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Call for Submissions

Learn about contributing to the Family Focus section of NCFR Report, and email our Family Focus editor about writing on the following upcoming theme/s:

Spring 2020 Issue: Family Rituals

Family rituals serve an important function in supporting coherence and well-being in families. Family rituals might mark major individual milestones or family events, or they might serve to provide structure and rhythm to the passing of a day or a week. Family rituals could be tied to faith traditions, cultural practices, or family history. How are family rituals influenced by demographic and cultural changes? Do family rituals provide reassurance and familiarity? When do family rituals represent oppressive remnants of the past? When do family rituals become a burden rather than support family development? Some burdens might be financial, emotional, or relational. How do generations look at family rituals differently? How does migration to a new location affect family rituals?

The spring 2020 edition of Family Focus in NCFR Report will be devoted to the topic of family rituals. Keeping in mind the publication’s goal of translational Family Science, of what published empirical evidence are you aware to contribute to this edition? What information is available on this topic? How can we help families and family professionals understand the operation of family rituals in their lives?

Prospective authors should indicate intent to submit by Nov. 1, 2019. Contact the editor at [email protected] with questions or about your interest in submitting, and include one to two sentences summarizing what you wish to cover. Articles are due Nov. 15, 2019. Please review the complete author guidelines below.

Family Focus Author Guidelines