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Call for Report authors

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Issue theme: Fictive Kin
Spring 2018

Families and kinship are central to the human experience. Across cultures humans create families within and without biological or legal ties. We may talk about someone who is “like a sister” or “a second mother.” We may create foster grandparenting programs, form family relationships with those whose family forms are rejected or not legitimized, or call special friends “uncle” or “aunt.” In some cultures, all adult males are considered to be uncles, and everyone in the community may parent a child. Those relationships outside of biological or legal ties have been called by a number of labels, including fictive, chosen, voluntary, or intentional kin.

What do we know about these relationships? What are the implications of forming and depending on voluntary kin? How should family professionals include them in their work? Fictive Kin will be the theme of the spring 2018 edition of Family Focus, and NCFR is soliciting articles of up to 1,600 words — including references in APA style — that address these questions. 

Authors should indicate intent to submit by Nov. 1, 2017. Contact the editor at [email protected] with questions or about your interest in submitting,  and include one to two sentences summarizing what you wish to cover. Articles will be due Nov. 15, 2017

Find complete author guidelines at (PDF)