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Summer 2020 Issue: Immigration

Proposal Deadline: December 15, 2019

The number of immigrant and refugee families settling in the United States, as well as in other countries around the world, has increased dramatically in the past several decades. The reasons families migrate, the process of migration and acculturation, the trauma and challenges they experience, and the assets and resources they both bring to the process and have access to not only vary but also greatly influence the adjustment of immigrant children and families. Several empirically-based models of understanding the immigration process and facilitating the positive adjustment of immigrant families exist. What practices have been tested and found to work best, for whom, and under what conditions? What are the current and potentially emerging needs of both immigrant families, the communities that accept them, and the professionals working to support them? What do legislatures need to know in order to advance policies that support these families, agencies, and communities in transition? 

The summer 2020 edition of Family Focus in NCFR Report will be devoted to the topic of immigration. The goal of Family Focus is to share translational Family Science. What published empirical evidence can you cite to contribute to this edition? What resources and strategies have you tested and found to be helpful, or what resources and strategies can you describe from the literature? Are there research-based lessons you have learned and recommendations you can offer to policymakers and family professionals to better understand and support the evolving needs of immigrant families?

Prospective authors should indicate intent to submit by Dec. 15, 2019 by completing the online proposal form. Articles are due Jan. 15, 2020. Please review the complete author guidelines below. Contact the editor at [email protected] with questions.