NCFR Report is a quarterly magazine for members designed to encourage member-to-member dialogue; to inform colleagues about our research; and to discuss research application for practitioners and policy professionals. Through Report, NCFR also builds community by reporting on people, events and organizational news.

Unlike the content of our scholarly journals, the articles in the Family Focus section of NCFR Report have not been peer-reviewed. In the spirit of open debate and academic freedom, NCFR Report is a member forum for exchanging ideas. The views expressed in NCFR Report may not represent the views of the entire NCFR organization

For more information about contributing to Report, email the Family Focus section editor.

Call for Report authors

Issue theme: Families with Differences

A “family” of things is a group that belongs together, and we tend to focus on the things that families have in common. But what about the ways they vary? Some differences are introduced into families through marriage, adoption, or partnering that brings together people of contrasting innate characteristics like nationality, race, or religious heritage. Other differences are more fluid and can change over time such as political beliefs, income levels, faiths, and lifestyle choices. How do family members create and maintain relationships and identity in spite of their differences, and when do differences become too difficult to reconcile? The Family Focus section of the winter 2017 NCFR Report will explore these issues. 

Please email Family Focus Editor Judith Myers-Walls by Aug. 1 with your intention to submit an article. Articles due Aug. 15.

Articles must be research-based but should review and apply studies rather than report on a specific research effort. The length should be approximately 1,600 words. Chances of acceptance are improved with early submission.