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Call for Report authors

Learn about contributing to the Family Focus section of NCFR Report, and email our Family Focus editor about writing on the following upcoming theme/s:

Issue theme: Play and Leisure
Summer 2018

Child development researchers and practitioners have stressed the critical role of play in childhood, calling play “children’s work.” Family strengths approaches also have emphasized the importance of families who play and families simply spending time together.

What is the role of play and downtime in families? How do families support children in the work of play? What types of leisure activities are most valuable to families? As work becomes more portable and often includes telecommuting, what has happened to family vacations and time off? As global communication and collaboration shifts working hours, how does this affect family interactions and relationships?

The summer 2018 issue of Family Focus invites contributions on any of these or related topics. Authors should indicate intent to submit by Feb. 1, 2018. Contact the editor at [email protected] with questions or about your interest in submitting,  and include one to two sentences summarizing what you wish to cover. Articles will be due Feb. 15, 2018

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