Nominate Candidates for 2022 to Be NCFR’s Next Leaders

Jodi B. Dworkin, Ph.D., and Heather M. Helms, Ph.D., NCFR Elections Council Co-chairs
/ Fall 2020 NCFR Report

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The future of both NCFR and Family Science are inextricably tied to the quality and dedication of our leaders. Thanks to the strategic vision and perseverance of our leadership, NCFR has made tremendous strides toward our mission of strengthening families. We need your help to keep up this momentum.

As we approach the 2020 NCFR Annual Conference in November, there are two ways you can assist the Elections Council.

First, think about the leadership opportunities in NCFR that might be a good match for you. Speak with colleagues, mentors, section leaders, or Elections Council members about your desire to serve and your willingness to be nominated for a position.

Second, consider nominating colleagues who you think would be a good match for the positions available in the next election cycle:

  • Board member-at-large (2022–2025), two positions
  • Elections Council members (2022–2025), two positions
  • Fellows Committee members (2022–2025), two positions
  • Inclusion and Diversity Committee (2022–2025), two positions
  • Conference Program Committee chair-elect (2022–2023, program chair for 2024 conference)
  • Conference Program Committee Students and New Professionals Program Representative (2022–2024)

The election cycle begins each year at the annual conference, when we ask members, sections, and focus groups to nominate potential candidates for the organizational-level positions that need to be filled.

In the spring of 2021, the Elections Council will meet to identify and discuss possible candidates for 2022 who have been identified by nomination or who have previously served in leadership positions. We consider the experience of individual candidates and ensure both that the overall slate reflects the strength and diversity of the entire NCFR membership and that it reflects and promotes the mission and goals of NCFR.

The Elections Council’s responsibility is to help NCFR members match their leadership abilities to the opportunities that abound within our organization. We take seriously the NCFR Board of Directors’ charge to find the right people who are willing to have their names placed on the ballot each year. We are guided by the operating values outlined in the NCFR bylaws and the Elections Council policies and procedures. We are excited about the possibilities for future leadership and hope you consider being a part of it.