Highlights of the Upcoming 2021 NCFR Annual Conference

Jennifer Crosswhite, Ph.D., CFLE, Director of Research and Policy Education, [email protected]
/ NCFR Report, Fall 2021
Jennifer Crosswhite

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It’s that time of the year again: The second NCFR virtual conference is just around the corner. The Conference Program Planning Chair, Tammy Henderson, Ph.D., and the NCFR Conference Program Planning Committee have pulled together another amazing conference with many excellent, high-quality sessions, including plenaries, special sessions, invited presenter symposia and workshops, and more.

The theme for this year’s conference is The Science of Families: Nurturing Hope, Happiness, and Health. As Dr. Henderson points out in her article in this issue of NCFR Report, this year’s annual conference provides us with an opportunity to “dismantle adverse conditions that undermine hope, happiness, and health.” You will find many sessions throughout the conference related to COVID-19 and dismantling racism.

Sessions on Dismantling Racism

In harmony with the Family Focus articles published in this Report issue on dismantling racism as well as the articles on critical race theory published in the news section of Report, I want to call your attention to some of the many sessions related to dismantling racism that will occur during this year’s conference.

Please check the conference schedule for session times: ncfr.org/ncfr-2021/schedule.

Tuesday, Nov. 2 (Live interactive poster and Theory Construction and Research Methodology, TCRM, sessions are being presented beginning Tuesday, including sessions related to dismantling racism)

  • Antiracism and Families, a TCRM paper session

  • Using Family Theories to Navigate Conversations on Race and Power in Academic Settings, a TCRM dialogue session

Wednesday, Nov. 3

  • Black Women and Reproductive (In)justice, a special session organized by the Feminism and Family Studies, Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Families, Families and Health, Family Policy, and Education and Enrichment Sections

  • The Shadow of Suns: Paradigmatic Rifts and the Theoretical Legacies of the Black Struggle in Family Science, the opening plenary by Andrea Hunter, Ph.D.

  • Integration of Diversity Into Family Theory and Research, the TCRM special session

  • Culturally Competent Practices in Working With Indigenous, Black, and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Families, an Education and Enrichment Section invited presenter symposium

  • When Research Harms: An Open Dialogue and Reflection on the Past, Present, and Future of Family Scholarship, an invited presenter symposium organized by the Family Policy; Religion, Spirituality, and Family; and Research and Theory Sections

Thursday, Nov. 4

  • Putting Anti-Racism Into Action: Developing and Using an Anti-Racism Equity Self-Audit For University Courses, an invited presenter workshop organized by the Advancing Family Science, Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Families, Education and Enrichment, and Feminism and Family Studies Sections

  • Formative Assessment of Student and New Professional Needs to Promote Racial Justice in the Family Science Discipline, a Students and New Professionals invited presenter symposium

  • Emerging Shapes of Families: The Challenge Toward Family and Social Equity, the Wednesday plenary presented by Patricia Matthews-Juarez, Ph.D.

  • Antiracist Child Welfare Practice, Research, and Policymaking, a Family Policy Section invited presenter symposium

  • Racial, Ethnic, and Violence Cultural Influences on Black Mental Health During COVID-19¸ a special session with Suzanne Randolph Cunningham, Ph.D., and the three plenary presenters: Andrea Hunter, Ph.D., Patricia Matthews-Juarez, Ph.D., and Camara Jones, Ph.D.

Friday, Nov. 5

  • Asian American Experiences of the Pandemic: Challenges and Ways to Nurture Hope and Cultivate Family Resiliency Amidst COVID-19, an International Section special session

  • Racism as a Public Health Issue and the COVID-19 Effect: A Call for Advocacy, the closing plenary presented by Camara Jones, Ph.D.

  • Anti-Racism in Family Science: Introspection, Application, and Integration, an invited presenter symposium organized by Advancing Family Science Section and the Students and New Professionals

Check out the conference program (ncfr.org/ncfr-2021/schedule) for a full list of all posters and sessions not listed here that are related to dismantling racism, race and race relations, and how culture has an impact on family dynamics—and for all the other excellent conference sessions. Sessions are being recorded and will be available on demand if you aren’t able to participate live in a session in which you are interested.

Policy-Related Sessions During the 2021 Annual Conference

Many of the sessions listed above will provide great information that could potentially have an impact on policy or provide policy implications. In addition to those sessions, I would like to share other policy-related sessions being presented during the conference. These sessions highlight the excellent policy work being presented at the NCFR Annual Conference. The conference program (ncfr.org/ncfr-2021/schedule) provides a full list of policy and policy-related posters and sessions not listed here:

Thursday, Nov. 4

  • Family as a Source of Hope and Healing For Those in Foster Care and Adoption: Future Research Directions and Intersections With Practice and Policy, a Family Policy Section symposium

  • Family Resilience in Managing Economic Stress, a Family Policy paper session

  • Family Policy Section Member Meeting

Friday, Nov. 5

  • Becoming a Scholar-Advocate or Activist in the Academy: Challenges and Opportunities Along the Scholar–Action Continuum, a Feminism and Family Studies Section interactive workshop

  • Family Privilege 2.0: A Critical Feminist Workshop for Systems Change, a Feminism and Family Studies interactive workshop

  • Meaningfully and Ethically Engaging “Live Expertise” in Research: Considerations and Resources From Child Welfare System Stakeholders, a Family Policy Section interactive workshop

  • COVID-19 and Family Life Around the Globe: Relationships Quality, Child Well-Being, Family Resilience, and Family Policy, an International Section symposium

2021 Poster Sessions and More

Don’t forget about the many excellent posters being presented during the conference! Poster sessions begin on Tuesday, Nov. 2, and are scheduled throughout the entire conference.

Important note about the 2021 poster sessions: Poster sessions are organized around topic rather than by section. Most poster sessions integrate posters from multiple sections and provide research as well as therapeutic, practice, or policy implications all in the same session. Be sure to check out the poster sessions!

Don’t miss a single session in which you are interested. All sessions will be available on demand this year! We look forward to interacting with you and all conference participants in November!