When in Minneapolis….

Norma J. Bond Burgess, Ph.D., NCFR President
/ NCFR Report, Winter 2022

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What a wonderful conference this year!

Perhaps I am mistaken, but I sincerely believe that we were happy to see each other and our long-lost friendswithout a Zoom meeting. Take no offense in my Zoom reference as we all have had to endure virtual meetings. During the past two years, virtual conference sessions were well-attended. Our in-person sessions were also well attended in Minneapolis.

Could it have been the 18-degree weather that welcomed us? Could it have been the presence of the famous Minneapolis downtown walkways where one could grab a bite and not have to venture outside at all? Could it have been the strong desire to hear speakers in person for 4days? The answer to all the above would be a resounding yes.

We wore masks successfully, with many opting to select clear masks to show their smiling face in place. New colleagues were welcomed to the Legacy Circle, award recipients were named, and NCFR Fellows were recognized. Longtime NCFR members showed genuine interest toward new members, first-time conference attendees, and special guests.

I am especially proud that the conference went off essentially without a hitch. We approached fall 2022 with excitement and learned many new things, together.

That is the essence of conference attendance. Face-to-face interaction fosters mentorship and exhilarating discourse on any given topic. Eager to establish new relationships and meet new colleagues, opportunities presented themselves to establish new research projects. In-person meetings proved to be significant for many of the conference-goers. Small groups gathered and discussed relevant topics stimulated by the sessions they attended.

The business meeting on the Friday before the conference was attended by more than 100 members via Zoom, leaving room for more “conference” time the next week.

The Board of Directors listened to suggestions from the meetings we attended. We learned that some of you would like to participate more in the business of the organization, serve on committees, and play a more active role.

Please, send an email and let us know.

There is a place for you to assist within NCFR. Those who are serving as elected members of the board began just like you—with open minds and hearts to make this a better organization and continue to help us be the premier organization representing outstanding work in the study of families!

It would be an exciting opportunity for you – and for us! Occasionally, a request to volunteer mentioned to an NCFR leader during the conference might be missed or forgotten. Please feel free to remind us. It is never too late to volunteer. If not this year, then the next year is still good to help.

Your Executive Director, Board of Directors, and committees are busily searching for new journal editors to lead our ranked publications. Terms are expiring and opening again. Members fill the positions on the committees to select new editors and to become recurring submission reviewers. Inform the editors of your interest in serving as a reviewer. A quick email to the editor will suffice. Your service would be much appreciated. New to the organization? Step up to do more as you can. Don’t know as many people as you would like to? Email others who might be willing to assist you and take the next steps, someone will respond.

The deadline for new submissions for next year is coming upon us quickly—January 2023. Think about what your research programs look like and get busy so that you will be among those selected to share your work next November in Orlando, Florida.

We are currently addressing the advancement of the Family Science discipline    with some success. Our staff team leads the discussions to make sure we are making the appropriate impact in the academic world. Strengthening programs and examining many universities’ efforts in this area is an important endeavor. Many universities do not yet recognize service of this nature and so there is work still to be done.

Be well and we look forward to seeing you again next November!