How to Review a Conference Proposal webcast


This free webcast by Dr. Karen Myers-Bowman, Kansas State University, and Dr. Tom Holman, Brigham Young University provides an overview of proposal review--the process, the criteria to consider, and examples of what makes for a strong (or weak) proposal.

Dr Myers-Bowman, who teaches proposal review in classes with her graduate students, will break down the parts of a proposal and evaluation of them. Dr. Holman will offer his insights as chair of the Research and Theory Section which receives hundreds of submissions each year.

Watch individual segments

  1. Introduction (1:26)
  2. Oxford Abstracts system tutorial (8:45)
  3. Review the Call and Scoring Rubric (1:36)
  4. Read the Proposals (1:34)
  5. Score Proposals Using the Rubric (6:28)
  6. Comments to Authors and Section Chairs (2:02)
  7. Review your Review (0:59)
  8. Intro to Understanding the Decision Making Process (2:01)
  9. The Decision Making Process (4:56)
  10. Symposia Considerations in the Decision Making Process (2:38)
  11. Implications for You as a Reviewer (8:16)
  12. Question and Answer Period (2:55)