Understanding NCFR Conference Presentation Formats webcast


In this webcast recording, several NCFR member leaders review the presentation formats used at the NCFR annual conference, and provide advice on how best to prepare for each.


  • Paper Session: Jeffrey Dew, Utah State University
  • Lightning Session: Shelley MacDermid, Purdue University
  • Symposium: Catherine Solheim, University of Minnesota
  • Workshop: Judy Myers-Walls, Purdue University
  • Poster and Poster Symposium: Karen Myers-Bowman, Kansas State University
  • Roundtable: Suzanne Smith, Washington State University
  • Moderator: Catherine Solheim, University of Minnesota

Watch individual segments

  1. Introduction
  2. Presenter introductions
  3. Paper sessions
  4. Lightning sessions
  5. Symposium sessions
  6. Workshop sessions
  7. Poster sessions
  8. Poster Symposium sessions
  9. Roundtable sessions
  10. Q&A: Should I bring handouts?
  11. Q&A: I've been accepted but in a different format than I applied for..
  12. Q&A: How much time should I allocate to set up my poster?
  13. Q&A: How much should I practice or prepare?
  14. Q&A: How can I best use available space for a poster sessions?
  15. Q&A: What are the differences between paper and symposium sessions?
  16. Q&A: How do we encourage participation in poster symposium discussion?
  17. Conclusion