Acock and Washburn to Lead Research Webinar Series

Acock and Washburn
Acock (left), and Washburn

An upcoming NCFR webinar series during the month of May will explore non-continuous regressions, a widely applied statistical technique used to predict the outcome of a dependent variable based on previous observations. This series will be led by Alan Acock, Ph.D., and Isaac Washburn, Ph.D., and is the latest part of NCFR's multi-year research webinar series on quantitative methods.

NCFR is delighted to welcome back Dr. Acock as a webinar presenter. He is an NCFR Fellow and is well known for his expertise in Family Science and quantitative research methodology. Dr. Acock is professor emeritus of family studies in the School of Social and Behavioral Health Sciences at Oregon State University. He has a published extensively in Family Science and quantitative research methodology. His publications include seven books, 20 book chapters, more than 150 refereed journal articles, and he served as an editor of the Sourcebook of Family Theory and Research.

Dr. Acock previously led a 4-part webinar series for NCFR on Missing Values, SEM, & Growth Curves Using Stata. These on-demand webinar recordings are available for purchase and free for NCFR members.

Dr. Washburn is professor and department chair of the Biobehavioral Health Sciences in the College of Nursing at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center. He received his doctorate from Oregon State University, studying under Dr. Acock. Dr. Washburn has become an accomplished quantitative methods teacher himself. He is the current chair of NCFR's Research and Theory Section, and was a two-time co-chair of Theory Construction and Research Methods Workshop.

In addition to regularly teaching classes in advanced statistical modeling and methods, Dr. Washburn is the creator and organizer of NCFR'S ongoing webinar series on quantitative methods.


May Webinar Series

Acock and Washburn's webinar series Conducting Non-Continuous Regression Models will be in four parts throughout May, beginning on Monday, May 8, 2023. The methods discussed are useful because of their ability to answer research questions that focus on understanding the probability of a binary event occurring or dealing with issues of classification (e.g., predicting if a child will be adopted or not).

Attendees of May's webinar series will receive handouts and datasets to practice the skills being taught in the webinars. STATA will be demonstrated in the webinar, but additional information will be provided in SPSS. Additionally, all participants in this live webinar series will receive access to a free 3-month trial of STATA for no additional charge.

Students or professionals may sign up for the individual webinars below, or register for the whole series and save on their registration costs.

Each session will build on the knowledge presented in the previous session, and scholars interested in any of these topics should consider attending multiple webinars or all four. Recordings will be available for all registrants and classroom licenses are available.


NCFR's Quantitative Method Webinars

Scholars interested in learning and practicing quantitative methods — from foundational to more advanced techniques — may watch the following past NCFR webinars on demand. These webinars are free for NCFR members one year after their live debut (Join NCFR or renew today).

  1. Introduction to T-Tests
  2. Fundamentals of Probability and Correlation
  3. Introduction to Odds Ratio
  4. Introduction to ANOVA, ANCOVA, and MANOVA
  5. Survival Analysis in STATA, Part 1 of 2
  6. Survival Analysis in STATA, Part 2 of 2
  7. Introduction to Multiple Regression
  8. Introduction to Moderated Regression
  9. Introduction to Mediated Regression
  10. Introduction to Moderated Mediated Regression

Classroom licenses are available for all NCFR webinars.