Call for Authors: Sourcebook of Family Theories and Methodologies

Deadline: Jan. 15, 2018


Every 10 to 15 years, beginning several decades ago, family scholars have developed a sourcebook publication that takes stock of emerging theory and methods and summarizes and advances the state of science in the discipline. It is one of the foundational resources on theory and methods in the discipline of Family Science. The most recent version of the book was published in 2005.

A new editorial team — NCFR members Kari Adamsons, Ph.D., April Few-Demo, Ph.D., Christine Proulx, Ph.D, and Kevin Roy, Ph.D. — was selected in March to develop a new volume that provides a historical perspective, a view to recent developments, and future directions of theories and methods in the discipline of Family Science.

The shift in the title from “Methods” (1993 edition) to “Methodologies” (proposed new edition) reflects the editorial team's intent to focus on developments in research design, conceptualization, and approach, rather than particular analyses or methods.

The sourcebook editorial team is soliciting proposals from potential lead authors interested in contributing to the new volume.

Interested lead authors should submit a proposal by Jan. 15, 2018, via email to [email protected]. Proposals should contain the following:

  • Which chapter you would like to author (theory or method)
  • A brief CV or biosketch highlighting your qualifications to author the proposed chapter
  • A 2-page statement explaining your vision for the chapter and why you are the best person to author the chapter
  • At least one writing sample showcasing your work with the theory, method, and application that you are proposing to author
  • Any co-authors you also think would make a good contribution to the chapter

The Sourcebook editorial team plans to have a relatively quick turnaround on author decisions (by Feb. 1, 2018) so that authors can begin work on their proposed chapters, with the plan being to have at least some chapters presented for feedback at the November 2018 TCRM workshop.

Resources for potential authors


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