Call for Papers: Professional Development and Reflection Corner

For Publication in the Family Science Review


Editors of the journal Family Science Review are nowaccepting manuscripts for their Professional Development and Reflection Corner (PDRC). The purpose of the PRDC is to publish manuscripts from Family Scientists and Family Life Educators that showcase a variety of perspectives and experiences across the Family Science discipline.

The editors are especially interested in papers in which authors reflect upon their decision to teach about families, detail challenges that have arisen over their career, share best practices, and offer suggestions for future educators. 

Manuscripts are sent out for review under a rolling deadline in which one PDRC manuscript will be published with each issue of Family Science Review.

Manuscripts and questions regarding PDRC manuscripts may be directed to PDRC editors:

Debra L. Berke, Ph. D., CFLE; [email protected]; 302-356-6760

Nikki DiGregorio, Ph. D.; [email protected]; 912-478-5560