Call for Reviewers: Join the Honors Student Recognition Program

Encourage a New Generation of Leaders in the Family Field


The National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) maintains an Honors Student Recognition program to recognize the exceptional scholarship, leadership, and community service of graduating undergraduate and graduate students in the family field, and encourage them to continue contributing to the discipline of Family Science.

The review process involves the evaluation of each nominee in the areas of scholarship (3.5 GPA or higher), leadership, and community service, as well as review of a letter of recommendation submitted by a faculty member, department, or employer addressing the student’s academic, leadership and community service accomplishments. The committee evaluations are processed by Bethany Cox, the NCFR staff liaison to the committee.

NCFR is seeking three NCFR members to serve to serve as reviewers of student honors applications. Each reviewer serves a three-year term, and the estimated time commitment is three to five hours each spring, summer, and fall. Time spent on the HSR Committee is in service of lifting up and nurturing a new generation of professionals in the family field. 


  • Review honors application — application form, resume, transcript, letter of recommendation for each applicant — by the deadline provided (2-3 weeks given, depending on the quantity of applications). At this time, review is subjective and your decision will be yes/no, not based on any scoring rubric. Rubric has been developed and needs approval before fall-term graduates apply


  • Current NCFR member
  • Willing to complete application reviews in a timely fashion.


  • Submit CV or resume, along with a brief statement of your interest, electronically to Bethany Cox.
  • Please email with any questions.

Thank you for your consideration!