Call for Studies: Evidence Base for Home Visiting Programs

Deadline for Submissions: Jan. 2, 2018


Mathematica Policy Research seeks studies for a comprehensive review of the evidence base for home visiting programs. The review is being conducted for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to help inform federal policy and initiatives. Home visiting programs are invited to submit their model if they meet these eligibility requirements (from the DHHS release): 

  • Studies that have not previously reviewed, including unpublished manuscripts (past or recent), conference papers, and new publications. 
  • Studies that focus on home visiting programs that target pregnant women, expectant fathers, and families with, or caregivers of, children ages birth to kindergarten entry.
  • Studies that focus on programs in which home visiting is the primary service delivery strategy. Programs that are primarily center-based with infrequent or supplemental home visiting will be excluded. Home visiting services should be offered to most or all participants and be integral to programmatic goals.
  • Studies that have been prepared or published in 1979 or later.
  • Studies that provide the name and a detailed description of the home visiting program being evaluated and the study methods employed.

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