CFLE Emeritus Status Awarded to Arminta Jacobson, James J. Ponzetti, and Janice Weber

The Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) Emeritus status has been awarded to retired CFLEs Arminta Jacobson, James J. Ponzetti, and Janice Weber, in recognition of their significant contributions to the field of Family Life Education.

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Arminta Jacobson

Arminta Jacobson, Ph.D., CFLE, was the Elaine Millikan Mathes Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of North Texas (UNT). She earned her master’s degree in family consumer science and doctorate in child and human development from Texas Women’s University. She was named an NCFR Fellow in 2011.

Dr. Jacobson was the founding director of the UNT Center for Parent Education and for over 19 years directed its International Annual Conference on Parent Education. The Center for Parent Education has been a leader in the field of parent education and has served as a model for other states. Dr. Jacobson also founded the Texas Association of Parent Educators, served as a student adviser for affiliate council at UNT, and was a board member and former president of the Texas Council on Family Relations.

Dr. Jacobson served as principal investigator for the Texas HIPPY Corps Project beginning in 1992, and director of state evaluation beginning in 1997. The HIPPY project is a parent education home visitation program for parents of preschoolers.



James J. Ponzetti, Jr., Ph.D., D.Min., CFLE, is a professor emeritus in the Department of Sociology at the University of British Columbia. He previously served on the faculty at the University of New Mexico, Central Washington University, and Western Illinois University.

Dr. Ponzetti founded and directed the Oregon Family Nurturing Center, Inc. Throughout his career he has been committed to the promotion of Family Life Education and worked on research projects as varied in topic as premarital rituals, computers and family life, the use of theater in sexuality education, and moral philosophy in Family Science.

Dr. Ponzetti has served on the editorial board of Family Science Review, and the Journal of Intergenerational Relationships. He is the editor of the International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family, author of numerous scholarly articles, and a series of three interdisciplinary textbooks focused on evidenced-based practice in Family Life Education, published by Routledge.


Janice Weber

Janice G. Weber, Ph.D., CFLE, CFCS, was the Frem Boustany professor of applied life sciences and associate professor and director of the child and family studies program at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (UL). She served as a student adviser for the UL affiliate council of NCFR and as a representative of the CFLE Academic Program Review committee. She also served on the CFLE Exam Committee

Dr. Weber has published extensively in the area of Family Life Education including the textbook Individual and Family Stress and Crises, encyclopedia articles on family stress and crisis, as well as pedagogical materials such as Analyzing a Personal Crisis for NCFR. In addition, Dr. Weber has given numerous presentations on issues related to stress and crisis for both professional and lay audiences.