Dawn Cassidy to Retire from NCFR After 2023


SAINT PAUL, MN — Dawn Cassidy, M.Ed., CFLE, NCFR Director of Family Life Education, will transition to retirement in 2023 after 34 years at NCFR.

Dawn has been a valuable longtime member of the NCFR staff and has been with the Certified Family Life Education (CFLE) program since the beginning. Over the years, she has spearheaded the fantastic program that is represented today by over 1400 individuals with the CFLE credential and over 140 degree programs throughout the United States and Canada that have been CFLE-approved by NCFR.

NCFR will formally celebrate and mark Dawn’s milestones and accomplishments later in 2023 with more information to follow. NCFR will work to build on Dawn’s success of the CFLE program. Look for a job posting announcement in the weeks to come.

Please congratulate Dawn for her countless achievements and wish her well in retirement.