Family Relations Seeks Editorial Fellows for 2023

FR Call for Fellows

The Family Relations Editorial Team seeks three early career Family Science professionals in academic or applied practice to serve as Family Relations Editorial Fellows. The program focus includes increasing participation in the editorial process for those whose voices have historically been underrepresented in the editorial review and publication process for major journals. Editorial Fellows work closely with the Family Relations Editorial Team, engaging in each stage of the editorial process—from manuscript submission to article publication. Editorial Fellows gain knowledge of the editorial process and have the opportunity to build systems supporting the representation of translational Family Science and research focused on understanding family processes beyond those traditionally represented in published research.

In establishing a multileveled, learning-focused Editorial Fellowship opportunity, we invite applicants who have completed postdoctoral training within the past 3 years or completed doctoral training within the past 5 years to submit a letter of application inclusive of a research statement, a letter from their department or organization supporting the current scholarly contributions, and Curriculum Vita to [email protected] with the subject line: Family Relations Editorial Fellowship Application. In their letter, applicants are to address their (a) rationale for applying for an Editorial Fellowship, (b) their skills and prospective contributions, and (c) their professional development expectations. Applications must be submitted on or before April 3, 2023, with an anticipated start date of May 15, 2023.

The Editorial Fellowship: Editorial Fellows serve in their positions for 1 year. Following completion of the first year, Editorial Fellows may, by invitation of the Editors, transition to Associate Editor for a second year. All Editorial Fellows engage in (a) helping to achieve the journal’s mission; (b) reviewing research and translational writing, (b) building a portfolio of professional skills, (c) advancing their team building and peer mentoring skills, and (d) contributing to advancing Family Science toward greater innovation, global influence, transdisciplinary work, and inclusiveness. Following successful completion of their fellowship, Editorial Fellows receive a Certificate of Appreciation and letter for their portfolios outlining the work accomplished.

Each Editorial Fellow works with the Family Relations Editor, Deputy Editor, and Associate Editor. This breadth of experience ensures opportunity for developing an understanding of the review process, editorial decision-making strategies, review of multiple forms of writing, teamwork, peer mentoring, and steps toward efficiencies in the editorial process. In sum, the Editorial Fellowship process includes mechanisms to grow the diversity, equity, and inclusion of published authors across areas of Family Science research, practice, and translation.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions. Please see the Family Relations website for additional information.