Family Science 5: Research & Researchers in the Media in April 2024

Welcome to the Family Science 5, helping you catch up on some of the Family Science research and researchers featured in the media during April 2024.

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  1. NPR's special April series, "The Science of Siblings," featured NCFR journal articles and several NCFR members, including:
  2. Time interviewed member Karen Benjamin Guzzo, Ph.D., and linked to the 2022 JMF article "An Increasing Disinterest in Fatherhood Among Childless Men in the United States: A Brief Report," for its feature "Why So Many Women Are Waiting Longer to Have Kids."
  3. The Washington Post cited the 2021 JMF article "Does Couple Communication Predict Later Relationship Quality and Dissolution? A Meta-Analysis" in its piece about couple communication problems. JMF authors include NCFR members Jeremy B. Kanter, Ph.D., Justin A. Lavner, Ph.D., and J. Kale Monk, Ph.D., CFLE.
  4. American Heart Association News interviewed member Keith V. Osai, Ph.D., for its article about the links between siblings and health. It also cites the 2014 article from Family Relations: Journal of Applied Family Science (FR), "Family Relationships and Adolescents' Health Attitudes and Weight: The Understudied Role of Sibling Relationships," whose authors include Dr. Whiteman.
  5. Time interviewed NCFR Fellow William J. Doherty, Ph.D., for its piece, "It’s Going to Be Rough Around the Thanksgiving Table This Year. Start Planning Now." The article also highlights the organization Dr. Doherty co-founded, Braver Angels, a "cross-partisan, volunteer-led movement to bridge the partisan divide."