Help Advance JFTR’s Digital Scholarship

Board Members Sought for Journal of Family Theory & Review

The editorial team of the Journal of Family Theory & Review (JFTR) is currently seeking members for its Digital Scholarship Board (DSB) to advance the future of digital scholarship at the journal.

The editors are looking for family scholars interested in using new media outlets and platforms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube) to broaden the conversation about contemporary Family Science and theory occurring in JFTR both within and beyond the academic community. Volunteers are sought with diverse professional affiliations (e.g., academic, community organizations, non-profits etc.), content expertise, and at all stages of their careers (including students, and both new or seasoned professionals). The editors' goal is to keep involvement in the DSB meaningful, regular, and limited in its demand on board members’ time and energy.

The DSB plans to develop and implement several regular digital features in 2019.  A team will be assigned for each feature responsible for creating new content every few months. Most of this work will involve identifying experts, developing relevant questions, and then emailing or occasionally conducting live digital interviews. Being a member of the board does not require being an expert in new media or technology. Rather, members should be content experts or enthusiasts able to utilize their knowledge and networks to create compelling, useful, and brief snapshots that connect teaching, research, practice, and/or current events to the latest family theory and review published in JFTR.

If you are interested in serving on the DSB contact JFTR Digital Scholarship Editor, Luke T. Russell, Ph.D., CFLE, by email. Thank you for your consideration! Keep an eye out for more updates on digital scholarship in the NCFR Report, and the JFTR Facebook and Twitter pages.

JFTR celebrated its 10th anniversary milestone in 2018. Its latest issue was published in December 2018 and is available online for subscribers.

The March 2018 issue of JFTR is free and open to the public as a sample issue.