JFTR Call for Papers: Midrange Theories about Families

The Journal of Family Theory & Review (JFTR), published by NCFR, seeks manuscripts for a special issue that focus on the creation of midrange theories about families. More empirical research in Family Science is needed that uses theory to inform its hypotheses, methods, analyses, and interpretation of findings.

Midrange theories (sometimes also called mid-range models) are a promising entry point for scholars to engage in theorizing. Midrange theories constitute the “middle ground” between formal theories and frameworks (like Symbolic Interactionism or Family Systems Theory) on the one hand, and empirical generalizations on the other (Doherty, Boss, LaRossa, Schumm, & Steinmetz, 1993). Midrange theories use theoretical constructs and propositions to explain, predict, or understand a particular phenomenon.

Submissions are due by March 15, 2021. 

See Full Call for Papers (PDF)

Manuscripts should not exceed 35 double-spaced pages including references and appendices. Please note in the cover letter that the manuscript is being submitted to the special issue “Midrange Theories About Families.” For manuscript preparation guidelines and to submit a manuscript, go to http://www.ncfr.org/jftr/submitjftr.

Please contact the guest editors with questions or to discuss submission ideas. We encourage authors to submit brief proposals describing their topic and proposed ideas to the guest editors before submitting a full manuscript.

For additional information or questions, please contact the special issue's editors:

Kari Adamsons and Kimberly Crossman.