Journal of Marriage and Family Releases Special Issue on Transformative Family Scholarship


NCFR's Journal of Marriage and Family (JMF) has published a special issue (Vol. 84, Issue 5) on the theme of promoting anti-racist family scholarship, part of a series across NCFR's three flagship journals. Many of the issue's articles are open access to the public. Once published, all three special issues will be compiled into a single volume.

JMF invited submissions on the topic of Transformative Family Scholarship: Theory, Practice, and Research at the Intersection of Families, Race, and Social Justice. This special issue focuses on scholarship using cutting-edge theory, research, and practices to investigate racial injustice and confront White supremacy within the context of the family. Dawn M. Dow, Ph.D., April Few-Demo, Ph.D., and Deadric T. Williams, Ph.D., served as guest editors. Their introduction gives an overview of the the dominant themes cross-cutting the 13 articles, including parenting, racial stratification, health and economic well-being, and racial identity. The guest editors further invite scholars who use critical theoretical approaches to continue their efforts and consider JMF as a potential publication outlet for their research. The full introduction is open access to the public. Read it here.

View the table of contents for the special issue.


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