Member News: Shirley May Harmon Hanson Honored in Dedication

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Shirley May Harmon Hanson, RN, Ph.D., PMHNP/ARNP, FAAN, CFLE, LMFT, is honored with a dedication in the sixth edition of the popular textbook she authored, Family Health Care Nursing: Theory, Practice, and Research.

A pioneer in the field of family nursing, Dr. Hanson has influenced family scholars and professionals around the world through her research and teaching. At NCFR, she founded the Families and Health Section in the 1980s, served on the Board of Directors and Election Council, and was named an NCFR Fellow in 2001. NCFR echoes the sentiment of the editorial team of Family Health Care Nursing in their dedication, that we also "are honored to have worked with Dr. Hanson and to carry on her legacy... We hold Dr. Hanson in the highest regard." 


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