Mentorship is a Pathway for Encouraging Family Scientists

A great number of NCFR members have applied to be mentees in 2021 class of the NCFR Mentoring Academy. NCFR is looking for more mentors to accommodate this high level of interest in professional development.

Would you be willing to serve as an NCFR mentor — or know someone else who would?
All active NCFR members are eligible to apply. The deadline for applications has been extended to Friday, Aug. 13, 2021.

Read below for a testimony from NCFR member Janeal M. White, M.S., CFLE, on the importance of mentorship:


Greetings, friends. 

Janeal and Jane
Janeal White (right) with her NCFR mentor, Jane Rose Njue

Mentorship has been an important part of my personal journey in academia. Building relationships with those farther along in their journey has encouraged me and inspired me to dream with a boldness born out of empowerment. NCFR's Mentoring Academy is currently accepting applications for both mentors and protege's and I encourage you to consider supporting this effort. Having been in the first Mentoring Academy cohort of protege's, I can attest to the meaningful connection that was made with my mentor and continues to be a source of encouragement even after our term ended. 

My NCFR Mentoring Academy mentor, Jane Rose Njue (Northern Illinois University), was recently visiting family in my part of the country (southeast Texas) and we were able to meet for lunch to catch up and work on a collaborative project based on our common passion for coordinating Family Life Education internships within our respective universities. Over the past year and a half, we have become colleagues and friends and I treasure my connection to this strong woman of color who is a now a role model, encourager, and advocate for my continued journey.

If you are a faculty member or family professional with years of experience and wisdom to share, this is for you!  Join us as a mentor!

If you have ever felt marginalized within Family Science, this is ESPECIALLY for you!  Join us and build relationships that will inspire the work we do collectively to strengthen families. 

The deadline to apply to be a mentor has been extended to Friday, Aug. 13.


Thank you for your commitment to strengthening families. The NCFR Mentoring Academy is a powerful tool to support our shared work by creating pathways for connecting emerging family professionals with those who have walked in our shoes.  The next wave of family scientists are in our classes and communities and now is our opportunity to engage and empower them for the important work ahead.  Please join me in this journey by applying to be an NCFR Mentoring Academy mentor or protege'.