NCFR Board and Committee Elections Set for February 2024

Submit nominations for 2025 elections

NCFR Elections Council Co-chairs Sharon Ballard and Joyce Chang, invite all members to get involved in the leadership of NCFR.

The vitality of NCFR depends on the dedication of its members to serve in leadership capacities at various levels of the organization.

Leadership in NCFR offers many benefits and rewards, including:

  • The opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise in ways that will help to promote the welfare of families and children.
  • Status and recognition by local, state, national and international audiences.
  • Networking and professional development opportunities

The charge of the Elections Council is to identify people who are willing to commit their time and energy for leadership positions. Please consider how your skills and gifts might benefit NCFR.  In turn, we are quite sure that you will gain valuable leadership experience and will grow personally as well as professionally.

There are two ways to be involved:

  1. Nominate yourself or others for the 2025 elections slate by March 15, 2024.

  2. Vote in the 2024 elections by February 29, 2024.

Complete information on these opportunities follows.

Nominations for February 2025 Election Slate

The Elections Council wants to encourage ALL members to nominate someone for the February 2025 slate. As you think about who would serve NCFR well, please give serious consideration to nominating yourself as well as others. Submit a nomination here.

Here are the Selection Criteria to help you decide whether you would be willing to be nominated and/or to identify potential candidates for the upcoming election:


  • Current membership in NCFR
  • Knowledge and/or experience in areas reflecting broad trends in human development, family science, marriage and family practice, sociology, and related professions.
  • Knowledge and/or experience in leadership roles through Sections, Affiliate Councils, Focus Groups, conference planning, publishing, public policy, or other committee work.


When identifying members to run for office, consideration should be given to a slate that is diverse in its representation of members, for example:

  • Ability and disability
  • Aboriginal, mixed, immigrant
  • Age
  • Bilingualism and multiculturalism/English language learners
  • Body size and condition
  • Customs and traditions
  • Educational, disciplinary, or career status
  • Ethnicity, race, national origin, or cultural identity
  • Gender, gender identity, and gender expression
  • Geographical background and location
  • Marital status, relational status (including singlehood), and family structure or identity
  • Objective and subjective worldviews and standpoints
  • Political ideologies and affiliations
  • Religion/no religion, spirituality and affiliations, and faith
  • Sexual orientation, identities, and expressions
  • Socioeconomic status, residential status, social class, employment, and national service

[Note: The aspects of diversity are listed alphabetically, but not in any order of priority.]

Keeping this in mind, we invite self-nominations and nominations of others for the following positions for the slate to be elected in February of 2025. The terms for these positions will begin November 2025 at the end of the annual conference.

NCFR Board President-elect (Serves as president-elect in 2026 and 2027; serves as president in 2028 and 2029), one position

The President-elect assists the President and in the event of the President’s absence, incapacitation, resignation or death, the President’s duties (general management of the business of the NCFR Board) will transfer to the President-elect. President-elect will serve on the Board Audit Committee and be in charge of the Newcomers Welcome at the Annual Conference. Read more.

Board Member-at-Large (2025 - 2028), two positions

NCFR Board Members are responsible for the overall governance of the organization on behalf of all NCFR members. They attend Board meetings throughout the year and take responsibility for maintaining contact with the membership and reflecting the needs of all NCFR members. Read more.

Board Student and New Professionals Representative-Elect (Serves as Board SNP Rep-elect in 2026 and as Board SNP Rep in 2027 and 2028), one position

Serves a one-year term as a non-voting member on the Board of Directors. After serving their one-year term, this position will move to the position of Students and New Professionals Board Representative. Students and New Professionals Board Representative will serve a two-year term as a voting member of the Board of Directors. Read more.

Students and New Professionals Conference Program Representative (2024-2026), one position

Serves a two-year term as a member of the Annual Conference Program Committee, member of the Student Award Committees, has several Annual Conference responsibilities, and assists in networking students and new professionals. Read more.

Elections Council (2025-2028), two positions

It is the responsibility of the Elections Council to prepare a slate of nominees for officers and members of the Board of Directors, Students and New Professionals Board Representative, Students and New Professionals Program Representative, Fellows Committee, Elections Council, the Inclusion and Diversity Committee positions, and to ensure that the policies regarding recruitment as provided by the NCFR Bylaws, and the Elections Council Policies and Procedures are followed. Read more.

Inclusion and Diversity Committee (2025-2028), two positions

IDC Members-at-Large will serve to assist the IDC to respond to the needs and desires of NCFR members. The Members-at-Large will help the committee send updates on the work of the IDC via webpage postings, NCFR Reports, and other effective venues of communication. Read more.

Student and New Professionals Representative to the Inclusion and Diversity Committee (2025-2027), one position

The Students and New Professionals Representative shall act as a liaison between the IDC and the Students and New Professionals Leadership Council. Read more.

Fellows Committee (2025-2028), two positions

The Fellows Committee shall review the applications for nominees for NCFR Fellow status. During the NCFR Annual Conference, discuss and vote on which nominees will be recommended to the Board of Directors for NCFR Fellow status. Read more.

Affiliate Council President-Elect (2026-2027), one position

The Affiliate Councils President-elect shall serve on the National Council on Family Relations Board of Directors for a two-year term and shall represent concerns of the members of the Affiliate Councils. This position shall assume the presidency of the Affiliate Councils for a two-year term following their term as President-elect. Read more.

Conference Program Chair-Elect (2025-2026, program chair for 2027 conference)

The NCFR Conference Program Chair-Elect is appointed by the NCFR Board of Directors. The Elections Council is interested in your suggestions for potential program chair appointees. Please feel free to suggest names along with your other nominations. The program chair’s primary duties are to select the theme, identify the plenary speakers, and prepare the call for abstracts for a particular year’s conference.

Submit nominations


VOTE in NCFR's 2024 Elections by February 29

The Elections Council wants to encourage ALL members to vote in February 2024. We have submitted a nomination slate (ballots will be emailed to members in February 2024) for terms that will be filled at the end of the national meeting in November 2024.

NCFR member will receive a link to this year's 2024 NCFR election ballots in their email in early February. Check your junk mail, spam, or clutter folders.

The nominees are:

Elections Council Members-at-Large (2024-2027), two positions

  • Deborah Coehlo 
  • Sarah Feeney
  • Kani Diop
  • Dana Wiser

Fellows Committee Member (2024-2027), two positions

  • Jodi Dworkin
  • April Few-Demo
  • Ani Yazedjian
  • Abbie Goldberg
  • Norma Burgess
  • Sothy Eng

Inclusion and Diversity Committee Members-at-Large (2024-2027), two positions

  • Adrienne Edwards
  • Hyun-Kyung You
  • Shuntay Z. Tarver
  • Lorien Jordan 

Students and New Professionals Representative to the Conference Program Planning Committee (2025 - 2026), one position

  • Kayla Wenth
  • Cecilia Brooks
  • Dane Rivas-Kohl
  • Samantha Leigh LeBouef