NCFR Celebrates Pride Month 2024 with LGBTQ Family Research

June is recognized as LGBTQ Pride Month in the U.S., to commemorate the June 1969 Stonewall Uprising. In acknowledgement and celebration of Pride Month, NCFR is highlighting recent research and resources pertaining to LGBTQ individuals and their families.

Open Access Articles

  • Fischer, J. (2024). Housework among same-sex and different-sex couples: The roles of time and earnings.Journal of Marriage and Family, advance online publication.
  • Goldberg, A. E., Silvert, L., & Farr, R. H. (2024). Family-building desires among adopted adolescents with lesbian, gay, and heterosexual parents. Family Relations, advance online publication.
  • McCandless-Chapman, O., Ottaway, A., Stone, A. L., & Robinson, B. A. (2024). Latinx LGBTQ+ youth and grandparents: Intergenerational solidarity, precarious familismo, and cisnormativity. Journal of Marriage and Family, 86(3), 614–632.

More NCFR Journal Articles

  • Avey, J. P., Wark, K., Andrews, P., Donadio, J., Bradbury, T., & Outten, B. (2023). Acceptability and feasibility of an intervention for Alaska Native and American Indian couples. Family Relations, 73(1), 298-317.
  • Fish, J. N. & Ezra, P. (2023). Parental support is not enough: How parental socialization theories can advance LGBTQ+ youth family research, practice, and health. Journal of Family Theory & Review, 15(4), 677-684.
  • Fish, J. N., Reczek, R., & Ezra, P. (2024). Defining and measuring family: Lessons learned from LGBTQ+ people and families. Journal of Marriage and Family, advance online publication.
  • Goldberg, A. E., Allen, K. R., & Sanner, C. (2023). Cherished families, unspoken truths: Navigating hidden and challenging family experiences while growing up with LGBTQ parents. Journal of Marriage and Family, 86(1), 219-244.
  • Lavendar-Stott, E. (2023). Queering singlehood: Examining the intersection of sexuality and relationship status from a queer lens. Journal of Family Theory & Review, 15(3), 428-443.
  • Marx, R. A., Peña, F. J.,McCurdy, A. L., & Maier, A. (2023). “They won't push me away”: Transgender and gender-expansive youth of color's perceptions of parental gender-identity-specific support. Family Relations, 73(2), 993-1013.
  • Paul, J. C., & Cruys, C. (2024). “We should be treated like we are somebody”: Building supportive relationships with LGBTQ foster youth. Family Relations, advance online publication.
  • Rana, M., Nath., R., & Saewyc, E. (2023). Parental accepting and rejecting behaviors: Experiences of South Asian gay and bisexual men in Canada. Family Relations, 73(2), 1014-1026.
  • Skipper, A. D., Chaney, C. D., Rose, A. H., Wiley Jr, R. W., Wooten, C. C., Myers Curry, T., Lavender-Bratcher, D., Moore, T., & Kennedy, J. (2024). Sanctification of African American Couple Relationships and Relational Forgiveness. Family Relations, advance online publication.
  • Thorsteinsen, K., Heijens, M., Parks-Stamms, E. J., Froehlich, L., & Martiny, S. E. (2024). The role of gender, stress, and social support in parents' pandemic well-being: A cross-national study. Family Relations, advance online publication.

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  • A video recording of LGBTQ Family Members in Community Contexts from the 2016 NCFR Annual Conference is available for NCFR members and CFLE to watch on demand. The focus of this symposium is on research that examines the interactions between LGBTQ family members and their residential and identity communities.

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