NCFR International Section Seeks Mentors/Mentees

NCFR's International Section (IN) is accepting applicants for its mentorship program. All NCFR IN Section members are eligible to apply and are invited to be involved as either a mentor or a mentee. The goal of the IN section mentorship program is to advance the discipline of Family Science by supporting and encouraging the professional development of its members. (Please note this is a different program than NCFR's Mentoring Academy)

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About NCFR Sections

Section membership is open to all NCFR members, who may join or change sections anytime.

To add a section to your membership, log in at, click "Join Additional Sections," check the boxes for the additional sections you wish to join, then continue through checkout.


Mentoring Timeline

The mentoring period usually starts at the NCFR annual conference and can continue after the conference.

Mentor-Mentees applications for 2022 are due October 16, 2022. Applicants will be notified by October 30, 2022 about their matches by the IN section.


Expectations for Mentors:

  • Initiate contact with your mentee and establish agreed-upon goals and benefits for both
  • Be available to meet your mentee at the Annual Conference Meeting
  • Exchange background information
  • Serve as a role model and promote best practices
  • Share resources and methods of achieving goals

Expectations for Mentees:

  • Be an active partner in the mentor-mentee relationship
  • Be available and attend the mentoring meeting at the NCFR Annual Conference
  • Exchange background information
  • Communicate your goals to your mentor
  • Have an agenda about the things you would like to discuss with your mentor


Sounds exciting? … Want to be a part of it? Go ahead and click the link below to fill out the application form.

Please feel free to write to Sarah Almalki, the Student/New Professional (SNP) representative of the International Section, if you have any question: [email protected]