NCFR Members' Work Informs Understanding of Current Events in 2019

As social, economic, and political events affecting families unfolded in 2019, research and recommendations by NCFR members contributed to a greater understanding of how families experience the impacts of these events.

Member research and recommendations spurred and strengthened NCFR’s resource offerings around the issues of families and immigration, parental incarceration, farm family stressors, social justice, and more.

Because of the expertise of our members and journal authors, NCFR was able to widely distribute resources for use by those in the Family Science discipline and by other scholars, professionals, policymakers, and the general public.


New Policy Briefs in 2019

NCFR Research and Policy Briefs help inform decisions that affect families at the federal, state, and local levels by educating policymakers and others who have an investment in families. Briefs released in 2019 include:

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New Resource Collections in 2019

Featuring content from NCFR’s scholarly journals, publications, policy briefs, and past NCFR conference sessions, two new members only collections were released as a benefit for NCFR members on the following topics:

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Special Issues of NCFR Journals in 2019


NCFR Webinars on Timely Topics in 2019