NCFR Releases New Policy Brief — Immigrant Families Across the Life Course: Policy Impacts on Physical and Mental Health

Written by Colleen K. Vesely, Ph.D., Diamond Y. Bravo, Ph.D., and Mariana T. Guzzardo, Ph.D.

Recent immigration policies related to family separation and deportation have negative mental and physical health implications for immigrant families across the life course, according to Family Science research published and cited by NCFR. 

A new NCFR policy brief examines in detail the impacts of policies focused on immigrants and immigration. Included in the brief are recommendations for policymakers to dismantle policies harmful to immigrant families and strengthen or initiate policies to bolster health and well-being among immigrant families across the life course.

A two-page executive summary and an eight-page policy brief with more in-depth information are available for you to download and share with others.

Read the full brief