NCFR's Feminism Section Updates Its Name to Include ‘Family Science’

The National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) section devoted to feminism has updated its name from Feminism and Family Studies to Feminism and Family Science. The section members held a vote during the 2022 section elections.

NCFR members have the opportunity to connect and communicate through its 10 sections, each formed around professional interest topics. Section participation provides opportunities for conference participation, leadership and service, awards, and more. NCFR members may add sections to their membership at any time.

The Feminism and Family Science (FFS) section works to integrate feminist scholarship and perspectives into theory, research, and applied work with families. Two awards in honor of Jessie Bernard are presented annually to students and new professional NCFR members.

This name change reflects NCFR's initiative to support the name and disciplinary identity of Family Science for the scientific study of families and close interpersonal relationships. More than 150 academic degrees and departments use the Family Science name for their curricula because it is the clearest and most accurate label for this discipline.

Using the term Family Science expands visibility of programs among prospective students, their families, and other institutions. It increases credibility by demonstrating support of a proven scientific discipline that has developed a rigorous base of scholarly knowledge and an evidence-based foundation for graduates in their careers. It also allows faculty and graduates to adopt a respected professional identity of Family Scientist, and to make an even greater impact in their work by uniting under the Family Science umbrella.

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If your department is considering a name change, NCFR has sample documents and resources available for you that other schools have successfully used. Access these resources.