New Book on Intimate Partner Violence Formed at NCFR Conference

IPV book

A new book co-edited by NCFR members Sandra M. Stith, Ph.D., LCMFT, and Chelsea M. Spencer, Ph.D., LMFT, originated from a symposium on intimate partner violence (IPV) that they organized for the 2018 NCFR Annual Conference.

International Perspectives on Intimate Partner Violence: Challenges and Opportunities (Springer, 2021) highlights the current state of IPV prevention and intervention efforts across countries, including Colombia, Iran, Russia, China, India, and the United States. Like the conference session, the book seeks to gain a global perspective on IPV by examining how larger social and cultural factors affect the lives of the individuals whom family therapists serve and advocate for.

In the book's acknowledgement, the editors first thank the contributions NCFR made to the book. "We knew that we wanted to put together a symposium for the Family Therapy Section," the editors write. "When we decided to turn our symposium into a book, all of the presenters agreed to join us.  We are so grateful for the contribution of these colleagues, both in the symposium and in this book."

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