New Early View Articles on Sacred Relational Care; Social Justice and Race; and More


The Journal of Family Theory & Review (JFTR) publishes original contributions in all areas of family theory, including advancing theories through critical and metatheoretical projects, and comprehensive reviews of literature and media.

New early-view articles available for subscribers include:

Introduction to Special Issue on Social Justice in Family Science: An Exploration of Race and Racism
Anthony G. James and Christi R. McGeorge
Published online: Aug. 19, 2019 | doi:10.1111/jftr.12346

Generative Devotion: A Theory of Sacred Relational Care in Families of Faith
David C. Dollahite, Loren D. Marks, and Greg J. Wurm
Published online: Aug. 19, 2019 | doi:10.1111/jftr.12339

Paternal Depressive Symptoms and Marital Quality: A Meta‐Analysis of Cross‐Sectional Studies
Kristene Cheung, Jennifer Theule, Diane Hiebert‐Murphy, and Caroline Piotrowski
Published online: Aug. 14, 2019 | doi:10.1111/jftr.12341

Integrating Race, Racism, and Critical Consciousness in Black Parents' Engagement With Schools
Aixa D. Marchand, Rema Reynolds Vassar, Matthew A. Diemer, and Stephanie J. Rowley
Published online: Aug. 12, 2019 | doi:10.1111/jftr.12344

Impacts of the Model Minority Myth on Asian American Individuals and Families: Social Justice and Critical Race Feminist Perspectives
Kristy Y. Shih, Tzu‐Fen Chang, and Szu‐Yu Chen
Published online: Aug. 12, 2019 | doi:10.1111/jftr.12342

Rethinking Resilience Theory in African American Families: Fostering Positive Adaptations and Transformative Social Justice
Leslie A. Anderson
Published online: Aug. 6, 2019 | doi:10.1111/jftr.12343

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