New Research: October JMF, Plus Early-View Articles

The new October issue of Journal of Marriage & Family features unique perspectives on social determinants in stepfamilies, socioeconomic status, family bifurcation outcomes, and much more!

Keep up with the latest research from the three scholarly NCFR journals — Journal of Marriage & Family (JMF), Family Relations: Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Science (FR), and Journal of Family Theory & Review (JFTR) — all of which publish early-view articles online.

New Early-View Articles (October 8-14, 2023):

Journal of Marriage & Family:

  1. Stepfamily formation and the educational outcomes of children in Sweden (open access) — Jonas Helgertz, Anna Tegunimataka

  2. Opting out or left out? The gendered determinants of marriage in South Korea — Paul Y. Chang, Jihye Oh, Young-Mi Kim

  3. Keeping us young? Grandchild caregiving and older adults' cognitive functioning (open access) — Jennifer Caputo, Kathleen A. Cagney, Linda Waite

  4. Stepfamily variation in parent–child relationship quality in later life (open access) — I-Fen Lin, Judith A. Seltzer

Family Relations:

  1. Exploring low-income, Black fathers' strengths and barriers to positive change using qualitative methods (open access) — Katie N. Russell, Ashley Withrow, Laura Voith, Carmen Vernon, Hyunjune Lee, Sherise McKinney

  2. Parents' marital satisfaction, self-compassion, and harsh discipline in China: A dyadic analysis — Die Wang, Ruibo Xie, Ru Yan, Wan Ding, Xiuyun Lin

  3. Love on campus: College students of color, racial identity, and interracial dating — Rob Eschmann, Shantel Gabrieal Buggs, Ryan Gryder

Journal of Family Theory & Review:

  1. Dyadic bicultural competence: A new way of conceptualizing patterns of cultural competence in close relationships — Quinn E. Hendershot, Matthew D. Johnson


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