New Study Details Immigrant Latino Parents' Involvement in Children's Education

One of 10 New Early-View Published Recently

New open access research from NCFR focuses on immigrant Latino parents involvement in children's education; "gray divorce" and parent–child disconnectedness; and a systemic review of the literature on racial discrimination and Black Americans' romantic relationships. Other early-view articles published online last week include several related to family roles, work and labor.

These are just a few of the early-view articles published recently from NCFR's 3 scholarly journals, all of which can be found below.

New early-view articles (August 27–September 2):

Journal of Marriage and Family

  1. The evolution of family policies and couples' housework division after childbirth in Germany, 1994–2019 (open access) Gundula Zoch, Stefanie Heyne
  2. The male marital earnings premium contextualized: Longitudinal evidence from the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom (open access) Manuel Schechtl, Nicole Kapelle
  3. Parents' socioeconomic status and support to adult children across the life course (open access) Matthijs Kalmijn
  4. Gray divorce and parent–child disconnectedness: Implications for depressive symptoms (open access) I-Fen Lin, Susan L. Brown, Kagan A. Mellencamp
  5. Negotiating good motherhood: Foodwork, emotion work, and downscaling Priya Fielding-Singh, Marianne Cooper

Family Relations

  1. Cultural meaning of education and parents' involvement in education: Perspectives of immigrant Latinos (open access) Aosai Liu, Mikayla Heath, Joseph G. Grzywacz
  2. Motherhood or marriage penalty? A comparative perspective on employment and wage in East Asia and Western countries Ji Young Kang, Wonjin Lee, Sunyu Ham, Julia Shu-Huah Wang
  3. A conflict escalation comparison: Couples from the general population and couples engaged in high-intensity conflict (open access) Wafaa Sowan
  4. Gender role reversal: Civilian husbands of U.S. military servicewomen as tied-migrant workers (open access) L. Emily Dowling,  Jeffrey B. Jackson,  Ashley L. Landers

Journal of Family Theory & Review

  1. Racial discrimination and romantic relationship dynamics among Black Americans: A systematic review (open access) TeKisha M. Rice, August I. C. Jenkins, Shardé McNeil Smith, Chelsea Alexander, Casey M. McGregor


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