Nominate Candidates to Be NCFR's Next Leaders

Deadline Jan. 31, 2018, for the 2019 election nominations

The Elections Council encourages all members to nominate yourself or others for the February 2019 slate of election candidates. Here are the eligibility criteria to help you decide whether you would be willing to be nominated and/or to identify potential candidates for the upcoming election:

  • Current membership in NCFR
  • Knowledge and/or experience in areas reflecting broad trends in human development, Family Science, marriage and family practice, sociology, and related professions
  • Knowledge and/or experience in leadership roles through sections, affiliate councils, Elections Council, conference planning, publishing, public policy, or other committee work

When identifying members to run for office, consideration should be given to a slate that is diverse in its representation of members. Please see NCFR's definition of diversity and guiding principles for inclusion and diversity.

The terms for candidates elected in the subsequent February 2019 election will begin in November 2019, at the end of the NCFR Annual Conference in Fort Worth, Texas.

Use this webform to nominate election candidates.

The positions are as follows:

Board President-Elect, 2019-2021 (President 2021-2023)

The president-elect shall assist the president, and in the event of the president’s absence, incapacitation, resignation or death, the president’s duties (general management of the business of the NCFR board) shall devolve to the president-elect. The president-elect will serve on the Board Audit Committee and be in charge of the Newcomers Welcome at the Annual Conference.

Board Members-at-Large, 2019-2022 (2 positions)

NCFR board members are responsible for the overall governance of the organization on behalf of all NCFR members. They attend two face-to-face board meetings per year, along with regular conference calls and email exchanges. They take responsibility of maintaining contact with the membership and reflecting the needs of all NCFR members.

Affiliate Councils President-Elect, 2019-2021

The affiliate councils president-elect shall serve on the National Council on Family Relations Board of Directors for a two-year term and shall represent concerns of the members of the affiliate councils. This position shall assume the presidency of the affiliate councils for a two-year term following his or her term as president-elect.

Students and New Professionals Board Representative-Elect, 2019–2020

The Students and New Professionals board representative-elect serves a one-year term as a nonvoting member of the board. After serving their one-year term, this position will move to the position of Students and New Professionals board representative, to serve a two-year term as a voting member of the Board of Directors. During the one-year term, the SNP board representative-elect will learn about the organization and his or her role as the future SNP board representative by shadowing and assisting the current SNP board representative and SNP program representative.

Elections Council Members, 2019–2022 (2 positions)

It is the responsibility of the Elections Council to prepare a slate of nominees for officers and members of the Board of Directors, Students and New Professionals board representative, Students and New Professionals program representative, Fellows Committee, Elections Council, and Inclusion and Diversity Committee positions, and to ensure that the policies regarding recruitment as provided by the NCFR Bylaws and the Elections Council Policies and Procedures are followed.

Fellows Committee Members, 2019–2022 (2 positions)

The Fellows Committee shall review the applications from nominees for NCFR Fellow status. During the NCFR Annual Conference, the Fellows Committee will discuss and vote on which nominees will be recommended to the Board of Directors for NCFR Fellow status.

Inclusion and Diversity Committee Members-at-Large, 2019–2022 (2 positions)

IDC members-at-large will serve to assist the IDC to respond to the needs and desires of NCFR members. The members-at-large will help the committee send updates on its work via web postings, NCFR Report, and other effective venues of communication.

Inclusion and Diversity Committee Students and New Professionals Representative, 2019–2021

The Students and New Professionals representative shall act as a liaison between the IDC and the Students and New Professionals Leadership Council.

Annual Conference Program Chair-Elect, 2019–2020, Program Chair for 2021 Conference

The NCFR conference program chair is appointed by the NCFR Board of Directors; however, the Elections Council is interested in your suggestions for potential program chair appointees. Please feel free to suggest names along with your other nominations.

Again, we encourage you to become involved in the leadership of our organization. Submit nominations using our nomination webform.

The deadline for nominations is Jan. 31, 2018.