Read the Journal of Family Theory & Review Issue on the Revisioning of Family Theories for Race and Ethnicity

This year, NCFR celebrates the 10th anniversary of its Journal of Family Theory & Review (JFTR). JFTR publishes original contributions in all areas of family theory, including advancing theories through critical and metatheoretical projects, and comprehensive reviews of literature and media.

The June 2018 issue is devoted to the topic Revisioning Family Theories: Centering Race and Ethnicity and was co-edited by NCFR members Cheryl Buehler, Ph.D., and April L. Few‐Demo, Ph.D.

In their introduction, the co-editors state that this issue "represents a community of family and developmental scholars' attempt to integrate both a critical race and intersectionality lens into Family Science." Authors were asked to evaluate the theoretical assumptions, constructs, and propositions from the family theory of focus that might (and might not) need revisions when race and ethnicity are considered, and to propose family research to examine these new revisions. JFTR subscribers can read their full introduction here

If you're an NCFR member who subscribes to JFTR, log in to the NCFR website and visit the JFTR access webpage to read the full text of these articles on the website of our journal publisher, Wiley Blackwell. The March 2018 issue of JFTR is free and open to the public as a sample issue.

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