Recent NCFR Research: Oct. 15-28, 2023

Keep up with the latest research from the three scholarly NCFR journals — Journal of Marriage & Family (JMF), Family Relations: Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Science (FR), and Journal of Family Theory & Review (JFTR) — all of which publish early-view articles online.

New early-view articles explore a wide range of scholarship, to include nuanced digital communication usage, financial well-being, economic decision making in relationships, and more!

New Early-View Articles (October 15-28, 2023):

Journal of Marriage & Family:

  1. Cohabiting couple's economic organization and marriage patterns across social classes — Kimberly McErlean

Family Relations:

  1. Health benefits valuation in three-generation households—the role of reciprocity (open access) — Anna Bartczak, Wiktor Budziński, Anna Nicińska, Natalia Starzykowska

  2. Parent–child gender effect in the associations among problematic internet use, parent–adolescent conflict, and academic engagement — Sihan Liu, Jiefeng Ying, Xinyi Wang, Jialin Shi, Xinchun Wu

  3. Divide and conquer: Coparenting and parent involvement in families with young children — Sarah E. DeMartini, Nancy L. Hazen

  4. Strengthening and supporting parent–child relationships through digital technology: Benefits and challenges (open access) — Amy Johnson, Marg Rogers

  5. Did the COVID-19 pandemic make better parents? A qualitative exploration of parents' experiences during a historic period — He Xiao

  6. Financial socialization and financial well-being in early adulthood: The mediating role of financial capability (open access) — Tae-Young Pak, Lu Fan, Swarn Chatterjee

  7. Parenting in the “extreme”: An exploration into the psychological well-being of long-term adoptive mothers (open access) —Charmaine Kohn, Alison Pike, Richard O. de Visser


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