Hurricane Relief in Beaumont, TX

Updates from Tammy Henderson
Tammy Henderson

NCFR member Tammy Henderson, Ph.D., CFLE, has generously volunteered to be a point of contact during the relief and recovery efforts. Tammy lives in Beaumont, Texas, which is experiencing flooding.

Tammy's church, Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, is partnered with FEMA and the Red Cross in aiding first responders. The church is accepting food, bedding, toiletries, and other forms of donations. You may text Dr. John Adolph at 409-893-1159. Rev. Sheryl Williams can be reached at 409-466-5640. Tammy Henderson can be reached by her cell at 540-818-9089 or by email

Update from Tammy:

Sept. 12, 2017

Beaumont and the surrounding areas - including Louisiana - are still in the disaster response period. Although the mayor of Beaumont said the water is drinkable on Saturday, September 9th, assistance is needed.

After many members helped to evacuate folks out of flooded homes, Antioch Missionary Baptist Church started a distribution center. The path of delivery was two-fold. We handed out things to folks who waited in their cars for hours. Then we moved to getting a list of items and supplying individuals, organizations, and churches. Folks could pick up items or we delivered them.

For example, September 2, we gave out food, toiletries, baby items, and over 14, 000 cases of water on Saturday, September 2, 2017. Meals, water, cleaning supplies, and more were taken to older adults, persons in nursing homes, and Community members in nearly flooded areas. The church continued to distribute items on yesterday. Due to the Charter School's opening, the distribution contribution will close in a week.

The bottom line is this: Southeast Texas and Louisiana need volunteers and donations.

First, we still need support. Here are two pathways,:

  1. Antioch Missionary Baptist Church will accept Gift cards, checks, or PayPal -
  2. Lamar University has established an emergency fund. See this link:


Tammy L. Henderson, PhD