Responsible Fatherhood Programs Boost Co-Parenting Skills

Holmes and Hawkins
Erin K. Holmes (left) and Alan J. Hawkins

NCFR members Erin K. Holmes, Ph.D., and Alan J. Hawkins, Ph.D., led a team of Brigham Young University researchers on a recent meta-analytic study of 270 responsible fatherhood programs aimed at unmarried, never-married, and low-income fathers. The evaluation found that these programs were successful in having "small but statistically significant effects" in the areas of father involvement, parenting skills, and most notably, co-parenting skills. 

The research team, which also included NCFR members Braquel R. Egginton, M.S., and Kevin M. Shafer, Ph.D.found that there is a continued need for more consistent evaluation of responsible fatherhood programs, especially ones that focus on these demographics. The authors hope this report will encourage and support more research in this area. 

The study was funded by the Fatherhood Research & Practice Network (FRPN). The full report and an executive summary can be downloaded from the FRPN website. 

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