Richard Glotzer Receives CFLE Special Recognition Award

Richard Glotzer

Richard S. Glotzer, Ph.D., CFLE, is the recipient of the 2019 Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) Special Recognition Award. Each year, the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) recognizes a CFLE who has demonstrated exceptional effort in promoting, supporting, or improving the CFLE credential or program. The recipient is recognized at the CFLE Reception at the NCFR Annual Conference.

Dr. Glotzer has been a member of NCFR since 1987 and a CFLE since 1998. He is a professor of social work and interim director of the School of Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Akron (UA). He formerly served as a professor at the UA School of Family and Consumer Science. In 2007 he was named  a fellow at the UA Institute for Life Span Development & Gerontology.

Dr. Glotzer earned his bachelor's in psychology, master's in child and family studies, and doctorate in continuing education (with a minor in sociology) all at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His teaching and research concern the relationship between individuals, groups, and the formal and informal institutions through which they navigate. Other research interests include the social costs and benefits of international philanthropy in historical perspective, and the institutionalization of inequality as a normative aspect of society. Dr. Glotzer has done archival research and made presentations in Canada, England, and South Africa, in addition to the United States.

Dr. Glotzer was nominated by a former student who shared accolades about his work in promoting the CFLE credential and NCFR as a professional organization on the campus of the University of Akron. He has been a well-kept secret within the CFLE program, quietly making important contributions for many years.

Most notably, Dr. Glotzer served on the original CFLE Exam Committee when the exam was first developed in 2007.  He has continued to serve and actively participate in all stages of exam development and review to this day including item writing, item review, and item approval, as well as the establishment of a cut score for each test form. He is a reliable, consistent, and talented item writer. His contribution to the CFLE exam and FLE assessment exam is considerable and much appreciated.

Dr. Glotzer is also a prolific reader and excellent writer and has contributed over 20 book reviews to CFLE Network.