Rozas Works to Empower ‘Incredible Kids’ Through Family Science Internship

Katy Rozas
Katy Rozas

NCFR member Katy Rozas, originally planned to graduate with a bachelor's degree in business administration from McNeese State University. However she found a new calling to work with children after years of volunteer service. She returned to campus to pursue her Family Science degree. (Search degree programs)

​​Now a senior, Rozas is putting her business skills to work during her internship at Camp Fire National Headquarters, where she is working to promote the upcoming Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, a national initiative held in 2021 on March 18.

“The holiday is 100% about encouraging children with words of affirmation”, Rozas says. The initiative serves as an annual reminder to tell the kids in our lives why they are important by writing, texting, and posting affirmations on social media. To learn how to participate, visit the Camp Fire website or email [email protected].

Rozas credits her professor, NCFR member Janeal M. White, M.S., CFLE, for her success not just through classroom learning, but by placing her in an internship that catered to her strengths and passions.

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