Students raise funds for food center, celebrate FLE month

Contributed by University of North Texas students

University of North Texas students celebrated the 2013 Family Life Education month — recognized each February — by hosting a baby food drive at Cupboard Natural Foods in Denton, Texas, on Saturday, Feb. 23.

Leaders in Family Education (LIFE), which is the University of North Texas' NCFR student affiliate, organized the event to benefit Denton Community Food Center. More than 80 people donated nearly 150 pounds of baby food and $255 in cash, which provides $1,785 worth of purchasing power for the food center.

NCFR Fellow Dr. Arminta Jacobson, CFLE, mentored Development and Family Studies students Yamuna Teter, LIFE president (right in picture) and Katie Clayton, vice president, (left in picture) planning the event. They joined fellow students Taylor Sandoval, Kaylee Suarez, Kelly Lee, So-Jeong Jeong, and Katie Grant not only in hosting the drive, but in promoting the affiliate, NCFR, partnerships in the community, connectedness between DFST students, and Family Life Education month.