Take the #FamilyLifeEd Challenge this February

Enter Our Giveaway for Family Life Education Month

February is Family Life Education Month! The goal of "FLE Month" is to increase awareness and understanding of Family Life Education as a method to strengthen and support families. Everyone can help work toward this goal by sharing Family Life Education information and resources with their networks. Learn more about FLE Month.

This year, NCFR is celebrating FLE Month in a big way with a social media giveaway contest and the chance to receive a $50 AMEX giftcard. One of the best ways to share #FamilyLifeEd with your friends, family, and professional community is by posting about it on social media, and that's what this year's contest is all about.

2024 FLE Month Social Media Giveaway Challenge

Show practitioners, employers, other professionals, and families what Family Life Education (FLE) is about by meeting them where they are: on social media!

Giveaway Details: February is Family Life Education Month, and NCFR will give five lucky winners a $50 AMEX gift card to celebrate the occasion. 

To enter the giveaway, you must do the following:

  1. Follow NCFR on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, OR LinkedIn
  2. Share an NCFR post on FLE Month or create your own with #FamilyLifeEd (see ideas below)
  3. Tag at least one person in the comments

Entry is open from Thursday, February 1, 2024, until Thursday, February 29, 2024, at 11:59 PM CST. The winner will be announced on Friday, March 1, 2024, and asked to provide a full name and mailing address to receive their gift card.

Ideas for Posts:

For Practitioners:

  • Share a photo of a community session/event you’ve taught.
  • Post or link to a handout you’ve created and are willing to share.
  • Share a narrative/story from your work that has impacted your work or how you’ve implemented Family Life Education into your work.
  • Share blog posts you’ve written or read — or credible web pages — on an FLE-related topic.
  • Share your favorite item to use in your community classroom/with your families (i.e., magnatiles, soft box building blocks) and how you build FLE into that.
  • Share your favorite FLE methodology to use in your community courses.
  • Provide links to online event listings for your presentations and classes.
  • Post quick video tips on a specific topic that can benefit families.
  • Share your WHY for why you choose Family Life Education.

For Students:

  • Post pictures of your work as you complete a project for class.
  • Create a short post or video clip (30 seconds is great!) about something that you learned during a class presentation or that stood out from one of your readings.
  • Create a meme/TikTok challenge/post that captures a fun aspect of FLE.
  • Share moments in your practicum/internship that capture your work in Family Life Education.

For Faculty Members:

  • Post pictures or videos of your students giving FLE presentations, attending their internship, or attending job fairs.
  • Post short videos (2 minutes or less — even 15-30 seconds is great!) of your students engaged in FLE-related service projects.
  • Share memes, infographics, and videos your students create on class topics (this can be a great class assignment).
  • Encourage your students to share facts they hear from their peers’ class presentations.
  • Post a list of job interview tips for Family Life Educators.

For University Administrators and Agency Directors:

  • Post pictures of faculty/staff gatherings (meetings, luncheons), or of visuals displayed in your department that promote FLE.
  • Share facts about the number of graduates in your program, including what alumni are doing now.
  • Share information about job openings and reasons to hire a Family Life Educator.
  • Share testimonials from families you serve.
  • Provide a sneak peek from behind the scenes as you prep for a presentation.
  • Post a quick video sharing takeaways from a conference.

At Conferences You Attend (does not need to be NCFR):

  • Take a picture or short video with someone who presented a great FLE-related session or poster.
  • If at the NCFR conference, share a photo of yourself and others at the CFLE Reception.
  • Tag someone new that you've met so they become part of your networking efforts.
  • Tag an exhibitor in the exhibit hall and a product you are excited to try.
  • Post a tip you hear during a session that will be valuable to agencies, employers, or families.
  • If at the NCFR conference, take a photo with an NCFR staff member, board member, conference chair, or CFLE Advisory Board member.
  • Ask a fellow Family Life Educator to record a quick video tip to benefit families.
  • Do a Facebook Live post where you share something fun happening in real-time.

More Ideas and Resources for FLE Month

Free tools to help you get creative

Canva: free photo editing software; create social media graphics, edit photos, add text, and more

PicMonkey: free photo editing software; premium options available

Movie Maker: free Windows movie-editing software installed on most PCs

iMovie: free Apple equivalent of Movie Maker

Piktochart: free infographic maker; for premium features, nonprofit and educational pricing available

Infogram: free charts and infographics

Venngage: free infographic maker; premium options available

Easel.ly: infographic templates