Talking With Children and Families About Conflict, Violence, and War

Our hearts go out to the families and individuals affected by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

When there is tragic news like this in the world, it is hard to know how to respond, and especially hard to know how to talk about it with families and children.

NCFR members have thought about many of these tough questions and have provided some answers which can be found in NCFR's resource collections, conference sessions, and Family Focus articles. 

New Resources (added 2/23/23)

How to Talk With Your Child About the War in Ukraine (American Academy of Pediatrics)

War in Ukraine: Support for children and families (UNICEF)

How parents explain war and threats to their children. The experience of Ukrainian mothers (UNICEF)


Free NCFR Resource Collections

Family Focus Articles

"Conflict, Violence, and War" was the theme of fall 2015 issue of Family Focus—a section of NCFR Report. These articles are temporarily open free to the public.

Conference Recordings

Conflict, Violence, and War: Family Risk and Resilience was the theme of the 2015 NCFR Annual Conference, led by conference chair Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, Ph.D., CFLE.

NCFR members can access recordings from the 2015 conference including:


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