Trask Helps UN and Students to Understand Global Family Challenges

Dr. Trask at the 2018 NCFR Annual Conference

NCFR Fellow and 2018 Conference Chair Bahira Sherif Trask, Ph.D., was featured in a glowing profile from the University of Delaware that recognizes her as an international expert in the field of globalization, gender, and families. “Dr. Trask’s grasp of the underlying social and political policy that can hinder or support women and families allows her to envision solutions to global economic problems,” said Diane Cushman, executive director of NCFR. Read full article.

It has been a remarkable year for Dr. Trask, who is one of NCFR's representatives to the United Nations (U.N.). In addition to coordinating a conference focused on families and cultural intersections in a global context, she was a keynote speaker at several U.N. events, including the observance of International Day of Families on May 15, and the observance of World Cities Day on Oct. 31.

This most recent keynote was part of a project on “Inclusive and Resilient Cities for Sustainable Families,” a project directed to cities and regions that wish to actively contribute to U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 11. The program included a panel discussion with audience participation and the signing of the Venice Declaration. Watch the recording of the event below (Dr. Trask's speech begins at 15:22).

Learn more about the Inclusive Cities for Sustainable Families project on the Family Perspective website.