UN Releases 2018 Human Development Indices and Indicators Statistical Report


Periodically, NCFR will round up resources from the United Nations (U.N.) relevant to family research. 

The U.N. Human Development Report Office has released its 2018 Statistical Update for download online. This report provides an overview of the state of human development — snapshots of current conditions as well as long-term trends in human development achievements.

The 2018 results contain over 150 global indicators, composite indices and dashboards. Key indices for family scholars include:

  • The Human Development Index (HDI), calculated this year for 189 countries, ranks countries according to their progress in key dimensions of human development – health, education, and income;
  • Trends in the Human Development Index, which highlights changes in the HDI over a period ranging from 1990 to 2017, showing which countries have improved more and which ones have suffered setbacks in human development while allowing for the analysis of long-term trends.

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