Vote in NCFR's 2020 Elections

Get involved in the leadership of your organization! The vitality of NCFR depends on the dedication of its members to serve in leadership capacities at various levels of the organization.

Leadership in NCFR offers many benefits and rewards, including

  • The opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise in ways that will help promote the welfare of families and children;
  • Status and recognition by local, state, national, and international audiences; and
  • Networking and professional development opportunities.

The charge of the Elections Council is to identify people who are willing to commit their time and energy to leadership positions. Please consider how your skills and gifts might benefit NCFR. In turn, we are quite sure that you will gain valuable leadership experience and will grow personally as well as professionally. There are two ways to be involved: nominate candidates and vote in the elections.

  1. Nominate yourself or others for the February 2021 slate by Jan. 31, 2020. Read more.

  2. Vote in Upcoming Elections (February 2020)

The Elections Council encourages all members to vote in February 2020. We have submitted a nomination slate (ballots will be emailed to members in February 2020) for terms that will be filled at the end of the NCFR annual conference in St. Louis, Missouri, November 2020.

2020 Election Ballots

NCFR members will receive a link to this year's 2020 NCFR election ballot in their email on Friday, Jan. 31. The email will come from via Please make sure to check your junk mail, spam, or clutter folders. The deadline to vote in the 2020 NCFR election is March 1, 2020.

The Nominees

Bios of nominees can be found within the ballot that will arrive via email to NCFR members on Friday, Jan. 31. Please make sure to check your junk mail, spam, or clutter folders.

Board Member-at-Large (2020-2023) – 3 Positions

Joeseph Grzywacz vs Ruben Viramontez-Anguiano

Roudi Nazarinia Roy vs Kari Adamsons

Mihaela Robila vs Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth

Elections Council (2020-2023) – 2 Positions

Jessica Fish vs I. Joyce Chang

Kevin Shafer vs Ted Futris

Inclusion and Diversity Committee Member-at-Large (2020-2023) – 3 Positions

Chang Su-Russell vs Tera Jordan

Elif Dede Yildirim vs Elizabeth Sharp

Lover Chancler vs Denzel Jones

Students and New Professionals Program Representative-Elect (2020-2022)

Veronica Barrios vs TeKisha Rice